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Custom Software Development

Kradle X Labs is a product design & software development startup focusing on providing custom solutions to large businesses as well as other startups. We specialize in the development of solutions that enhance business performance so that our clients successfully navigate the process of launching a new product or brand.






Custom Solutions For Your Business

We provide solutions to serve your business needs.With our solutions grow your business like there is no LIMITS.

Product Design

We can make a product, that will help you blend your user's need with business goals to makes a real impact.

Product Prototyping

We can help you make a model or visualize your product, built to test your concept or process.

Concept Design

We can help create an initial big picture or macro design.eg. what problems the product will solve, how it will solve them, and what it will feel like as it is solving them.


Also known as product rendering, When a product, program, or concept is still in its early stages, You can easily create compelling imagery to tell the story.

Software Developement

We provide different types of software development services, custom tailored to best fit your business.

Web Development

We build smart and beautiful websites with powerful analytics which will help you grow your business multiple times.

Speed Optimization

Speed experience is elemental to a user’s experience and ultimately to the product’s success. we help you analyze and optimize the speed of the website.

UI/UX Development

Add a touch of visual design and give a perfect blend of user experience through clickable prototypes to your users so that you can have a glimpse of how a user interacts with your application.

Migration Services

Website migrations can be overwhelming.We have experts in multiple fields to migrate your website with minimum downtime.

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